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Clearance Sale

As a result of lockdown, all of my spring and summer fairs were cancelled, so I'm bringing my stock online to you this way in my own little market! Most of this stuff, I do not usually list online so this is your only chance to grab it until after lockdown and when things begin to get back to normal with events!

Get In Touch!

Thank you for your interest, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Tofu Keyrings
Hand-drawn Keyrings
Moon Tote
Spooky Tote
Star Tote
Doggo Embroidery
Cloud Puppy
Sparkle Pronoun Pin
Striped Pronoun Pins
Mixed Pronoun Pin
£5 Brooches
£6 Brooches
Other Brooches
Sew-On Patches
Fuji-San Patch
Radish Jewellery
£3.50 Earrings
Kitty Puzzle Necklaces
Shiba Earrings
Spooky Stickers
Katsu Packs
Mini Test Print
Mini Test Print
Mini Test Print
Mini Test Print
Mini Test Print
£1 Print - Info
£1 Print - Dog
£1 Print - Philosophies
£1 Print - Lavender
£1 Print - Sloth
£1 Print - Piggy
£1 Print - Spooky
£1 Print - Watercolour Dogs
£1 Print - Culpeper
£1 Print - Dogs
£1 Print - Portrait
£1 Print - Mr. Meeps
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