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Downloads: Project

These assets and products are all available through my Gumroad, most are pay as you feel but if you enjoy what I do please also think about supporting me through my shops or Ko-fi.

If you use my assets in my work please credit me by name or tag on social media.

Downloads: Featured Work


Digital editions of my zines are slowing being added to the collection of downloadable fun! Download and keep zines such as Your Bad Day Survival Kit, Tofu + Blob and Hat Folk coming soon.



There are now over 10 unique fonts for you to peruse, shop and download over on my Gumroad! These are free for personal use but I license them for commercial use too.

Yeti Texture


As someone who enjoys the use of multimedia techniques, I have experimented with the creation of textures and patterns to use in a variety of ways in my work. You can download my textures for your own use here.

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